We Are Ready To Open!

Good News! We are all set to bring back members!

Starting Monday, June 1 we will be accepting appointments for workout sessions and classes!

What we’re doing to keep you safe:

• Limiting class sizes to no more than 10 people including the trainer

• Each separate workout room has it’s own designated outside entrance through which you will arrive and leave keeping your exposure level down to the immediate members in your workout zone at the time

• A rotating cleaning schedule throughout the gym and after each class that includes all surfaces and equipment

• A generous supply of cleaning materials available for members use on machines, weights, etc, whatever you’d like to give an extra wipe down. These supply stations are located throughout the gym.


• Each member will be required to schedule an appointment for the class or workout time they plan on coming in for. 

• If necessary you may cancel your appointment anytime up to 12 hours prior to the class session. Any cancellation after that time period is subject to a cancellation fee of $15.00. This applies to everyone.

• Workout times are first come first served so get your appointments set early. There are no limits to how many workouts you can schedule, however this may change if need dictates.

Please help us maintain a safe environment for your fellow members by wiping down the equipment you have used with disinfecting wipes after your workout. There are cleaning supplies provided in cleaning stations in each area for this purpose.

Please use the outside entrance for the room you will be using for entry and exit when you leave. Please avoid the other rooms in the gym including walking through to an exit.

Thank you, we really appreciate your support!
Without you we wouldn’t be here and we want to maintain your safety and well-being the entire time you’re here. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us by calling (714)840-0460.